Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

Second Skin is a Womens’ Wear selling business that operates the e-commerce handle of the brand, All the details of what kind of information we collect from you, why we collect it from you and what is done with the collected information  are provided here

What information do we collect about you?

To serve you better, to identify your preferences and order we collect basic information like your name, mobile number, email address, age and gender. We strictly adhere to the legal guidelines and do not use your information for any purpose other than the one stated above. We may also collect information from third party site analytics firms to monitor site traffic and visitor count. We might also receive information from your device like the location for solely personalizing the shopping experience at Second Skin.

Information is also collected via cookies, for more details about cookies please read the cookie policy.

Why do we need to collect your basic information?

We collect basic information to provide a customized experience to every customer according to their styles, preferences, tastes and wants. Enhancement of customer experience is our primary objective and collecting basic information is inevitable for fulfilling the objective. We collect information only to serve you better, but still, if you do not want to share your information, we respect your choice and we won't collect any information without your consent.

How safe and private is my information with Second Skin?

We care about your privacy as much as you do. We never share your information with any individual or organization outside Second Skin. However, we might provide anonymized information like mouse clicks and scroll patterns with selected partners to enhance your experience at the Second Skin website.

Please note that we are committed to maintaining security for transactions and your personal information and we have picked advanced technologies to secure the transactions happening and information received from customers on the Second Skin website. 128 bit SSL encryption technology is guarding the transactions and information exchange on the website, barring all the possibilities of a potential data leak.